Zein pharmaceutical industry

Zein Pharmaceutical Industries is a new Syrian company under processing with initial approval No. 15172 dated 18/6/2013.

The company is located in Tartous in a mountainous area, on a land of about 24000 square meters in Safita, which is located about 35 kilometers northeast Tartous, at an altitude of 380 meters from the sea.

ZEIN PHARMA will start to produce many medicinal products in the coming months to cover most of the market’s need for medicine in various pharmaceutical forms.
Zein Pharma is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories that are accredited by the world’s most advanced pharmaceutical industry in accordance with GMP (good manufacturing practices).

The company is owned by Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed and is managed by a team of highly experienced specialists, who adopts the principle of specialization in work and teamwork, and is connected to a modern and advanced electronic system. The staff of the company – in addition to the administrative staff – will consist of approximately 150 employees in the first phase of the specialized and experienced.
The company will apply the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) in GMP good manufacturing practices in collaboration with the company’s laboratory department.

The company aims to be the best in the field of pharmaceutical industries and upgrading them at the local and Arab levels.

The company’s mission is high quality, continuous development, fair competition and credibility in business.

Together to build the future of Syria.